Here are some wording suggestions for a wedding where the Bride & Groom are inviting guests (back to main wording).

Bride & Groom Inviting​

Option 1

Together with their parents
Julia Esabella Sanmeters
Nicholas Kristoff Demett
request the honour of your presence at their marriage
on Sunday, the seventh of October
two thousand eighteen
at six o'clock in the evening
Mount Zion Church
11890 Leaf Avenue
Chicago, Illinois


Bride & Groom

Option 2


Because you have shared in
our lives by your friendship and love, we
Karrie Ester Bryant
Matthew Edward Mergesen
together with our parents
invite you to share
the beginning of our new life together when we exchange marriage vows
on Friday, the eleventh of May
two thousand eighteen at half after four o'clock
The Hall of Casa Monica
Four North Bend Avenue
St. Augustine, Florida

Bride & Groom

Option 3


You work, you play
and then, one day...
love just happens!
Jenny Thompson
Kurt Shippers
invite you to be a witness
to one of life's loveliest
surprises as they are joined together in matrimony
on Saturday, the second of June
two thousand eighteen
at three o'clock in the afternoon
Birmingham Hotel
42067 Fargo Road
Palm City, Florida

Bride & Groom

Option 4


Something borrowed and
something blue
some things are old, some
things are new
Someone to care and share
your life the dream of every husband and wife
Please join us
Martha McBellow
Billy Barton
as we unite in marriage
on Saturday, the twelfth of July
two thousand eighteen
two o'clock
Belleview Grand Hotel
975 Belleview Boulevard
Bellaire Beach, North Carolina

Bride & Groom

Option 5


The future seems so bright and clear when I picture it with you near
Becky Mophit
James Hill
request the honour of your presence at their marriage
Friday, the eighth of August
two thousand eighteen
at half after five o'clock
Church of St. Lucas
828 Licoln Avenue
Minoa, Illinois

Bride & Groom

Option 6


Mary Stevens
Chuck Henderson
have chosen the first day
of their new life together
as Saturday, the fourth of October
two thousand eighteen
You are invited to share in their joy as they exchange marriage vows
at four o'clock in the afternoon
Church by the Sea
19 Riverside Drive
Sand Key, Florida

Bride & Groom

Option 7


From the first 'tee'
we knew we 'wood' spend
the 'course' of our lives together
Megan Riley
Jonathan Bueler
‘wood’ love ‘fore’ you to join us at our wedding
on May 4, 2018 at 5:00 pm
Church of the Saints
1675 Azalea Court
Malay, Indiana

Bride & Groom

Option 8


Friends forever we will be
whether walking on the beach
or sailing on the sea...
Please be our guest as we,
Patricia Morgan
Greg Bundy
join together
on September 20, 2018
at 2:00 pm
St. Michael's Church
2003 Curlew Road
Palm Harbor, Florida


Bride & Groom

Option 9


Just like a page out of a fairy tale the storybook romance comes true...
Mary Stein
James Brooks
request the honour of your presence
on Thursday, the twenty-sixth of June
two thousand eighteen
at ten o'clock in the morning
Church of St. Lucas
303 Margery Avenue
Buffalo, New York

Bride & Groom

Option 10


He asked, and she said yes...
or was it the other way around?
However it happened
Marcy Punter
Geoff Smiggler
are getting married
and they ask you to join them
on Friday, the seventh of November
at four o'clock in the afternoon
Sunshine Beach Chapel
36678 Sunshine Boulevard
Bay Beach, North Carolina

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